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We have an enduring enthusiam for motor vehicles of all types and ages, underpinned by knowledge and understanding. Historit people derive their satisfaction from enabling customers to use their machines, by providing peace of mind when they're not in use and from knowing that Historit guardianship is helping to assure the long term future for valued vehicles and the engineering skills that maintain them.

Andrew Ferguson - Operations

Charlie Morgan - Director

As a rally navigator since 2001 on some of the most demanding historic events Charlie knows the value of preparation - vehicle and team!
Having advised the Ministry of Defence on its policy for its entire fleet of military and civilian vehicles he is clear that the ability to make vehicles available for use is what defines any successful storage solution. Recently Charlie has been a supplier to the UK’s high profile aircraft carrier programme and advised on strategic command and control systems that connect those vessels to the UK’s critical national communications infrastructure.
Historit’s being part of the Bicester Heritage regeneration of the RAF station has special significance for Charlie. Indeed he might owe his very existence to RAF Bicester, as his grandparents served and met there during WWII. Charlie in fact now works in the very building in which his grandmother was de-mobbed from the RAF.
Charlie’s six years service as a British Army officer in the Household Division has imbued him with an eye for detail, a “can-do” approach and a keen understanding of what it is to serve others.

With a Father who’s first car was a 1928 Amilcar it was inevitable that Andrew would be involved with vintage motoring from an early age, in fact one of his earliest and strongest childhood memories is of the sights, sounds and smells of a blue and yellow ERA powering up Shelsley hill!
An education in engineering, design and business followed, leading to a career path providing valuable experience in sales, vehicle logistics and product design & development.
Andrew’s childhood vintage car ‘indoctrination’ and ensuing passion has given him a great understanding for the unique requirements and idiosyncrasies of all types and ages of machinery, be it wheeled or winged.
Involvement in the restoration & preparation of vintage racing cars, competing in VSCC events and many years of modern motorcycle (& bicycle!) racing have instilled an approach of detailed preparation, good organisation and a belief that there is always a solution to the problem at hand…
As a second-generation vintage enthusiast Andrew has a great desire to see vehicles of all eras not only maintained and preserved but also fully enjoyed!


Myrtle Morgan

Charlie's loyal shadow, always there, always wagging!

Obi Ferguson

Chief of security and squirrel control, quite a character!

Kona Ferguson

Chief entertainment officer, never a dull moment...

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