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Our Motorcar Storage service is designed to provide the ideal solution for the storage of vehicles from all eras of motoring, from veteran to modern. We aim to offer the finest facilities, procedures, standards and service. Your vehicle is ready and available to use whenever it is required.

Pre-storage procedure

  • Vehicle condition check

  • Electronic report produced and a copy issued to the owner

  • Final paperwork check, vehicle & key handover

  • Hand wash, dry & interior vacuum

  • Vehicle placed into temporary isolated store to dry, cool and allow for initial fluid drip check

  • Vehicle moved into main storage

  • Clean drip tray and mat placed under vehicle

  • Cover fitted​

In-storage routine

  • Storage area walkthrough and visual check​s

  • Battery checks - charger function & battery health

  • Tyre checks - pressures & age

  • Fluid drip checks

Optional exercise regime, frequency can be specified by the owner:

  • Fluid levels check

  • Engine run-up

  • Systems checks

  • Electrical items run through

  • Vehicle exercise - using our own private test track


  • Any issues or areas of concern that are noted during any of our regular checks, procedures or contact with the vehicle are immediately reported to the owner.


  • Historit has a comprehensive insurance policy in place which covers vehicles to their full value whilst in our care.

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